Services included in fees and timescales

It can be very difficult to predict the timescales for Home Office decision making, but you can view their current processing times on their website. We take pride in our high level of client care including efficient case progression.

For most immigration applications made to the Home Office or the UKVI authorities overseas, the following stages and work are involved:

  • Taking your instructions, investigating what immigration options that are open to you and which application can be made in your best interests;
  • Advising you in detail on the legal requirements that you need to satisfy to make a successful application;
  • Assisting you to gather the necessary supporting evidence, and reviewing and preparing the evidence ready for submission to the Home Office;
  • Preparing and submitting the application to the Home Office on your behalf, either online or by post as required, including the preparation of a detailed LTP covering letter;
  • Dealing with any matters arising following the submission of the application and prior to receipt of the Home Office decision. Occasionally the Home Office will ask for additional evidence or information before making a decision;
  • Giving you advice about the outcome of the application and any further steps you need to take.

For most immigration appeals before the First Tier Tribunal, the following stages and work are involved:

  • Advising you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the appeal process to help you decide whether to proceed with your appeal
  • Lodging your appeal with the First Tier Tribunal
  • Preparing court witness statements and other supporting evidence, sometimes including expert evidence, to challenge the Home Office’s reasons for rejecting your application
  • Reviewing the Home Office’s bundle of evidence and addressing any issues arising from their evidence
  • Liaising with the Tribunal in relation to the appeal documents and timings for your case
  • Preparing your bundle of evidence for the court and a written summary of our legal arguments
  • Instructing an expert barrister to represent you on the day of the hearing itself (the barrister’s fees are not included in our price ranges and will be payable in addition to the LTP fees)
  • Advising you on the outcome of your appeal hearing and next steps, if necessary.

There are currently significant delays within the Tribunal system caused by the pandemic and it may take between 2 – 8 months from the date of lodging your appeal with the First Tier Tribunal for your case to be heard.



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