Employment Contracts

A contract of employment is an agreement between an employer and employee setting out their respective rights and responsibilities. Amongst other things, it may include employment conditions such as restrictive covenants, the duties of both parties, provisions for remuneration and holiday entitlement. Employment contracts are just one of the many UK employment law matters we can advise on.

Employment Contract Drafting Service

Our experienced employment law solicitors draft and review employment contracts. They can be agreed verbally, but if in writing and properly constructed, they can prevent disputes arising as written terms provide clarity to the business relationship between the parties. We also draft other employment contracts such as:

  • Director's Service Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Fixed Terms contracts

Director’s Service Agreements

When it comes to directors, a more complex employment contract known as a director’s service agreement is required. These are specialist employment contracts that provide the added rights and responsibilities placed on directors. We have the experience and legal knowledge to offer advice on drafting director’s service agreements.

We ensure that such agreements protect the company in the event that there is a disagreement with the employed director. In addition to the usual pay and benefits provisions, we also ensure that other clauses are included in the agreement such as the resignation, restrictive covenants and garden leave provisions to maximise the company's protection.

Consultancy Agreements

Businesses inevitably have to employ different types of staff aside from employees they routinely recruit consultants, who work on short-term projects and then are discharged. A consultant can be commissioned as a company or an independent contractor.

Either way it is vitally important to ensure that a contract governs that relationship clearly to avoid expensive disputes arising such as on the scope of the project and contract deliverables, but also to ensure some provisions exist to protect the company such as non-compete, confidentiality and non-solicitation clauses.  

Fixed Term Contracts

An attractive alternative to permanent contracts can be to offer employees short-term contracts for 3 or 6 months or for a longer period. This enables businesses not to commit to an employee on a long-term basis. However, difficulties arise if fixed term employees are kept longer than they ought to be giving rise to an inference in law that they may have become permanent employees.

Also, issues arise when fixed-term employees decide to apply for a permanent post or seek to renew their post and the employer denies employment rights to the fixed-term employee, which may then give rise to a discrimination claim. We review and draft fixed term contracts to ensure that businesses meet their legal obligations.

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