EEA Residency

European Union (EU) citizens and nationals from the European Economic Area (EEA) do not need a visa to come to the UK. They have automatic rights to stay and work in the country. However, if a family member from outside the EU and the EEA wishes to live with them, a UK residence card or an EEA family permit may be necessary, or family member may be eligible to claim retained rights of residence in the UK.

UK Residence Cards

Residence cards are useful for confirming that an individual from outside the EEA and living with a family member from the EU is allowed to live in the UK. It may give a potential employer reassurance that the individual is allowed to work and make re-entering the UK easier and quicker.

EEA Family Permits

If a non-EEA family member does not have a residence card but wishes to visit their relations or partner who are EEA nationals in the UK, they must have an EEA family permit. These allow close and extended family members to stay in the UK for up to six months, provided the EEA national is working, self-employed, studying, and self-sufficient or has a permanent right of residence.

EEA Retained Rights of residence

We specialise in retained rights of residence cases under Regulation 10 of an EEA Regulation 2006. As a family member of the EEA citizen you may be eligible to apply for residency even after your marriage breaks down providing that your spouse was exercising his Treaty rights at the point of divorce.

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