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CFWe offer a specialist divorce service that provides you with comprehensive advice in respect of all your family matters. We are a member of Resolution, and therefore believe in providing non-confrontational advice on divorce, separation and ancillary relief, or financial matters arising from Wills.

What is a Divorce?

Divorce may appear to offer solutions to a difficult relationship. However, it has many complications, including custodial arrangements for children and division of matrimonial assets. Seeking our advice on Family and Divorce will help you make the right decisions. This is a complex area of law on which we can guide you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Divorce is the legal process that will bring a marriage to an end. After a divorce, a person can remarry if they wish. A person must have been married for at least a year in order to apply for a divorce. The ground for divorce, contrary to popular belief, is one: the irretrievable breakdown of marriage. This must be established through 1 of 5 facts:

  • Unreasonable behaviour;
  • Adultery;
  • Desertion;
  • Two years separation by consent;
  • Five year separation.

There can be advantages and disadvantages to using some of these facts and we can advise on all procedures in relation to divorce if you wish to issue proceedings, including judicial separation or nullity. We offer a fixed fee divorce service in uncontested divorce cases which do not have children and financial assets which complicate matters.   

In addition, it is important to consider drafting a Will when divorce is being considered as it can affect inheritance.  If you have not already done so, you should consider making a new Will or consider reviewing your existing one.  It is always important to do so, but particularly if there are children involved. We offer a Wills service and can advise on factors that you need to consider to avoid complications arising from the distribution of your wealth after your death.

Financial Orders

Financial matters stemming from a divorce are referred to as “ancillary relief” now often referred to as "financial orders."   These can be both complicated and frustrating.  Our specialist Family and Divorce lawyers can advise on all areas of obtaining financial orders such as:

  • Separation Agreements
  • Maintenance
  • Adjustment of Property Ownership
  • International Assets
  • Freezing of Assets
  • Pensions

We can also advise on the division of the family home and other assets of unmarried couples.  We have a constructive and non-confrontational approach and will work effectively to ensure that you obtain a fair division of the assets.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

Although pre-nuptial agreements are not technically enforceable, the English Courts have given these agreements weight in a number of cases and treated them as being significant. Whilst we cannot guarantee that the terms of your agreement will be upheld by the Court,  we will discuss your circumstances and draft a document for you which will give a pre-nuptial agreement the best chance of being upheld if challenged at a later date.

Similarly, a post-marital agreement can be varied on divorce as this fits in with the English Courts’ discretionary system of asset distribution on marital breakdown. When contemplating whether a pre or post-marital agreement will be suitable for you, we would recommend that you bear in mind from the outset the following points:-

  • Neither party should feel pressurised into entering into an agreement
  • Both parties must be separately and independently advised by a solicitor
  • Both parties must give full and frank disclosure of financial and all other relevant circumstances
  • In respect of a pre-marital agreement, the agreement must be entered into some time before the marriage takes place – at least six weeks before the wedding
  • The agreement should be fair in all the circumstances

If either you or your soon to be spouse are contemplating entering into a pre-marital agreement, or a post-marital agreement has been proposed, or are deciding the matter, it is important that you obtain the right advice at the earliest opportunity.

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We work on a competitive fee structure, which includes fixed fees for pre-nuptial agreements and uncontested divorce.  Call 0203 540 6340 to speak to one of our specialist solicitors. Alternatively, please email us on contactus@merchistonsolicitors.co.uk or complete our online enquiry form.


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