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Litigation per se can be complex and daunting for most people and we factor this into the advice we provide to ensure that we try and demystify processes and provide advice that makes legal sense. We at Merchiston Solicitors believe that every case is different and often require different approaches and this comes from the depth and breadth of our litigation experience.

What are Civil Disputes?

This is an area of law that involves disputes between two parties that are purely civil in nature and it covers a broad range of contractual disputes, from nuisance neighbours, to border disputes. Our clients can only benefit from our wealth of knowledge. We are able to advise on the following:

Contractual disputes

We enter into contracts everyday and almost every transaction in our lives is a contract from a business deal to purchasing a ticket on a bus. Most businesses exchange, agree and enter into a formal written contracts, and even with the best contracts drafted with the purest of intentions to avoid disputes, it is commonplace for disputes between parties to arise.

Disagreements can arise in relation to anything such as the quality of the services or goods delivered, the day-to-day operational performance of parties, or other terms of the agreement that turn out to be unworkable. These types of disputes are almost an inevitable reality of contracts between individuals or between businesses. 

Disputes relating to contracts can be expensive whether you are an individual or a business and will cause harm to relationships and goodwill. In any event, a contractual dispute will be time-consuming to resolve, that is a given. If mismanaged, disagreements over the terms of a commercial contract for instance, can drain you physically and syphon time away from developing your business.

What can we do for you?

As with our contract drafting and reviewing service, we will take the time to understand your business, or your individual facts and circumstances and the details of the dispute in hand. Our priority is to reduce or manage the risks, limit the costs and disruption that may be caused to your life or to your business pending the resolution of the dispute.

Breach of contract

If there has been a breach of contract we would encourage clients to negotiate or mediate, without going to court to avoid litigation costs. However, we recognise that sometimes this may not be viable, but we try and progress the resolution of the dispute outside court in so far as possible by for instance seeking disclosure of documents before issuing.

Failing to attempt to resolve matters outside court can later lead to costs penalties by the courts so there is an incentive to consider alternative dispute resolution mechanisms without immediate recourse to the courts unless this cannot wait and an urgent remedy such as an injunction is needed to prevent someone from doing something.

Going to Court

Courts are always a measure of last resort. Nevertheless, if you cannot reach a settlement outside court we will advise you on the next steps of issuing or defending court proceedings and support and guide you through the litigation process.

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