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Illegal Tenant Evictions: Rogue Landlords

Residential tenants have a lot of protection under English law. They ought to know that they have statutory rights against being evicted from their properties by their Landlords without notice.

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How to Defend a Small Claims in the County Court

In last week's blog we discussed how to bring a small claim under £10,000 at the county court, this week we will explain how to defend a small claim.

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How to Bring a Small Claim at a County Court?

Bringing any civil claim is daunting for most lay people, but it needed be as the court process is designed to be informal at the county court.

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Divorce Courts Reduced to 20: How does it effect you?

There is likely to be less than 20 divorce centres processing undefended divorces by December 2015. The question remains: will centralisation work to achieve its objectives?

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